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As the leader in positive transitions-care, Safe Passage Across Networks (SPAN) provides professional learning opportunities for education leaders, school staff, parents, students and other professionals. Our courses, workshops, consulting services and resources equip and empower individuals, schools, organizations and networks to transform transitions-care for their community members.













Cultivate a sustained culture of care and wellbeing by harnessing 

the latest research to transform policies, programs and practices



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Join us on a transformative 8-week online learning journey with The Laws of Transitions Certificate Course, where learners are equipped with a deep understanding and practical strategies for fostering positive transitions-care in schools and organizations. Embrace a culture of care and wellbeing, and unlock the potential of positive transitions-care within and between schools and/or organizations.

SPAN’s suite of workshops - both virtual and in-person - empower participants to effectively navigate cross-cultural transitions and equip them to support others in their community. SPAN understands that every school or organization is unique, so we customize our training to enhance support for each community’s distinct needs. Our workshops cater for students, parents and staff, allowing for a comprehensive approach to fostering positive transitions-care within and between schools and/or organizations.

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Comprehensive positive transitions-care programs support all community stakeholders navigating cross-cultural transitions (students, parents and staff), enriching learning and enabling effective parenting and professional experiences. Utilizing the principles of positive transitions-care, SPAN offers consultation services to help schools understand, evaluate, design, develop, and implement these programs, customizing them to cultivate a sustained culture of care and wellbeing.

Explore a comprehensive collection of SPAN-curated resources, tailored especially for SPAN Members. By becoming a SPAN Member, you gain access to a host of valuable resources, reading recommendations, past Symposia Keynote addresses and Showcase school presentations, lesson plans and archived 'The Nest' episodes. Elevate your engagement with essential materials that empower your positive transitions-care journey.

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It’s here! The SPAN Book Study to accompany Douglas W. Ota’s Safe Passage: How mobility affects people and what international schools should do about. Created in partnership with SPAN, this thoughtfully curated guide by Amy Shuflin and Stephen Toole invites individuals and groups to delve into the text, engage in personal reflections and participate in thought-provoking chapter discussions, all aimed at “advancing our knowledge and practice on mobility to new and even more effective levels.”

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