While transition negatively impacts learning more than any other factor, according to John Hattie’s definitive research that he captures in Visible Learning, well-managed transition can add significant value to a life and to a learning journey.  It’s that simple, and it’s that hard.

Regardless of your experience with transition or transition-care, SPAN plans to meet you where you are:

In our virtual home through our SPAN website, for engagement with other transition-care providers, vetted resources and pathways to a stronger transition program in your school; At rotating regional conferences that are already hosted globally for educational administrators, counselors and teachers; and in your own school or local network of schools, coaching you through an effective transition team certification process, the launch or strengthening of your transition team and/or workshops related to positive transition support and more.


In a shrinking world where globalization is accepted and international schools are exploding, we bear a responsibility for the positive transition care of students, families and educators. SPAN believes that upholding standards for transition support, and equipping and refreshing those on the fronts lines, will help all of us fulfill some of our highest hopes for healthy students and families on the move.


Our goal is to help ourselves and others manage the stress, distress and chaos of transition, so we can get on with learning, loving, growing, stretching, cross-cultural competence and joy: all the things we launched into the international world to do wisely and well.