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Latest on Crosscultural Positive Transitions-Care
with Fiona Murchie, Relocate Global
November 30, 2023

World Mental Health Day 2023: SPANSymposium shines light on student wellbeing
by Ruth Holmes 
October 10, 2023

SPAN hosted its third annual symposium on 7-8 October, launching ground-breaking new research into what healthy transitions look like, and practical insights into how to help every student in international schools thrive.

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I was encouraged to see that CIS is putting strong emphasis on positive transitions-care between schools and universities since attending the in-person CIS Global Forum on International Admission & Guidance in Madrid, the virtual CIS Global Forum and the recent CIS Mental Health & Well-being Workshop.


Five ways to embed transitions-care within and between schools
by Valérie Besanceney 
December 12, 2022

You belong here. The scaffold of belonging is everybody’s business.
by Drs. Doug Ota 
November 3, 2022

In the twenty-first century, we have dismantled many of the social norms and structures our ancestors took for granted. The result has been more freedom than many know how to cope with. The covid pandemic accelerated a pandemic that was already underway: one of disconnection. Ours is an era of struggling to find, maintain, or rediscover a sense of belonging.

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Transitions care matters for Everyone
by Jessica Fortin 
September 1, 2022

Jessica Fortin, Admissions Director at the International Community School of Addis Ababa, shares insights into the implementation of transitions-care learning

Think Global People Relocate Awards
June 2021

Safe Passage Across Networks has been awarded the 2021 Think Global People Relocate Awards for 'Excellence in Education Consultancy/Support'!

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