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Our goal is to help ourselves and others manage the stress, distress and chaos of transition, so we can get on with learning, loving, growing, stretching, cross-cultural competence and joy: all the things we launched into the international world to do wisely and well.


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The Nest 
Every first Thursday of the month @ 12 UTC

(except July, August and January)

A monthly online gathering of transitions-care providers worldwide. After the plenary session, there is time for small break-out rooms, to chat with each other around that topic, and return to the group to share more ideas.


SPAN Symposium
October 9-10 2023

Safe Passage Across Networks' annual virtual Symposium extends our Mission which: “offers a home to anyone committed to healthy transitions and attachment security. We connect, equip and refresh transitions-care providers.” Be a part of the SPAN Symposium. Transform transitions-care within and beyond your school community.

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