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Your Guide to Transitions is here! Designed by SPAN's Jane Barron, Valérie Besanceney, and Catalina Gardescu as an introduction to positive transitions-care, this ManageBac Guide provides insights on the What, Why and How of adopting a whole school approach, and Where to go for further information, learning opportunities and support. It’s an ideal resource for individuals and international schools looking to strengthen the wellbeing and learning of their students, families and staff.

Begin your journey towards creating conditions for your school community to thrive. Share this Guide with your colleagues to enhance their understanding of positive transitions-care and gain inspiration for taking action together.

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  • Inside Out  (2015) by Pixar

  • Neither Here nor There  (2011) by Ema Ryan Yamazaki

  • The Interpreter (2005) by Universal Pictures

  • The Karate Kid (1984 & 2010) by Columbia Pictures

  • The Road Home (2012) by Rahul Gandotra

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