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SPAN offers a suite of virtual workshops that afford participants opportunities to prepare and equip themselves and others to effectively navigate short-term and long-term challenges ahead. The workshops center around the recurring themes of:

  • the process of transition 

  • the parental role in education

  • self-care for students, families and staff

  • mindset

  • identity and belonging

  • leading a fulfilled global life

We know that no two schools or organizations are the same, so we customise our training to enhance your support for fulfilling the needs and challenges of your community. 

The workshop program is crafted to guide participants towards insights into the opportunities that may be created by their current challenging circumstances, along with the challenges of others, and to equip them with practical tools to thrive rather than merely survive. We know that no two schools or organisations are the same, so we customise our training to enhance your support for fulfilling the needs and challenges of your community. 


We offer a variety of research-based training options and resources, created and delivered by SPAN Trainers. Through our training, we fulfill our mission to equip transitions-care providers, schools and organisations as they care for students, families and staff, whether they are stayers, arrivers or leavers. The Training and Consultancy pathway includes stepping-stones towards becoming a SPAN Showcase School, strengthening your school’s transition program and sharing exemplary practice with others. This pathway also presents a potential opportunity for consultants and skilled trainers to support and expand the reach of SPAN globally. 


For more information, contact our Director of Training & Consulting, Jane Barron:

SPAN Consultants

Jane Barron, MEd.


SPAN Director of Training & Consulting

Globally Grounded


Valérie Besanceney, MEd.


SPAN Executive Director

Roots with Boots


Catherine M. Mathieu,
World Bank Family Network Coordinator

Collaborating with SPAN has been a strong and meaningful experience and benefitted many World Bank Group parents. By starting with concrete examples of behaviors and emotions, then bringing the science behind, their message is powerful and open new ways for seeing ourselves, our feelings, our minds.

Ammy Davies Potter,
Director of Guardianship and Inclusion for Boarding Schools' Association

Jane Barron and Valérie Besanceney recently delivered an engaging, interactive and thought-provoking webinar focusing on how transitions affect one’s sense of identity and belonging. In addition to providing insight regarding what to expect in terms of emotions during the various stages, they discussed practical strategies that could be used to support both staff and students.

Staff comments, American Embassy School, New Delhi

It was very interesting to learn the different experiences our AES families have. I think it was balanced with presentation and break out rooms ... Loved the tone and healing effects these workshops have, thank you! What worked well was the interactive nature of the presentation between, Jane, Valérie and the break out sessions. The practical strategies and giving parents time to warm up.

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