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Comprehensive positive transitions-care programs support all community stakeholders navigating cross-cultural transitions (students, parents and staff), enriching learning and enabling effective parenting and professional experiences. Utilizing the principles of positive transitions-care, SPAN offers consultation services to help schools understand, evaluate, design, develop, and implement these programs, customizing them to cultivate a sustained culture of care and wellbeing.



Embracing the principle of ‘knowledge is power,’ SPAN is committed to reshaping the transitions-care and mental health landscape of international schools. Our approach is anchored in proactive mental wellbeing cultivation and illness prevention, evident in our array of research-based and practical workshops, seminars, presentations and webinars tailored for all key stakeholders in a cross-cultural child’s education. With the aim of building resilient and emotionally healthy global citizens, our offerings encompass (but are not limited to):

  • Pre-arrival and Onboarding packages

  • Cross Cultural Transitions-Care packages

  • Transitioning Successfully from Secondary School to Tertiary Life packages



Evaluation provides the opportunity to examine your school’s cross cultural transitions-care and support program. Formative or summative, SPAN will objectively evaluate your school’s cross-cultural support systems through document review, interviews, focus groups and onsite observations. After comprehensive data analysis, we will offer actionable recommendations for enhancement.

Consult: Design, Develop, Implement 

Tailored to address your school’s unique challenges, SPAN will utilize our suite of services to partner with you in establishing exemplary practices that position your school as a role model for cross-cultural student support and integration. Through customized evaluation, solutions-based design, collaborative development, strategic implementation and progress review, SPAN will equip, support and empower each key stakeholder in a cross-cultural student’s education – staff, parent and students – thereby enabling effective teaching and parenting, and ensuring cross-cultural students are placed in a position to succeed in both their learning journey and life.

SPAN Consultants

Jane Barron, MEd.


SPAN Director of Training & Consulting

Globally Grounded

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Valérie Besanceney, MEd.


SPAN Executive Director

Roots with Boots

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