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SPAN Update: Celebrating Growth and Impact Since 2017

In 2017 at the SPAN Pre-Conference in The Hague a group of passionate people from around the world bore witness to the launch of Safe Passage Across Networks (SPAN) on the global stage. Their contribution laid the foundation for transforming transitions-care within, between and beyond schools, and to this day we are grateful for the integral part they played in establishing our organization.

Six years on from that momentous day on March 22, 2017, SPAN has come a long way! We’d like to take this opportunity to share with you how SPAN has built on those foundations, and how individuals, schools and organizations can continue to enhance their connections and expertise in positive transitions-care.

Since we gathered with more than sixty educators, parents and students at the World Trade Center, SPAN has become known as the leader in positive transitions-care, equipping and refreshing those on the front lines of transitions-care to effectively support healthy experiences for students, families and staff on the move. SPAN is proud to be supporting partners with:

We are building a network of 50 (and counting) different international schools and organizations that have either taken our certificate course, engaged in our workshops or attended our annual virtual SPAN Symposia.

If you haven't already, we warmly invite you to connect with SPAN and continue growing your expertise and network through:

  • The SPAN website, for engagement with other transition-care providers, curated resources and pathways for an enhanced positive transitions-care program in, between and beyond schools.

  • The SPAN Newsletter, to stay up to date with the latest in positive transitions-care news and information

  • ‘The Nest’, to join SPAN’s free monthly award-winning online gathering for positive transitions-care practitioners and advocates, first Thursday of every month @12 UTC.

  • The SPAN Laws of Transitions Certificate Course (next course begins soon on September 25, 2023), which offers research, practical strategies, and the opportunity to share optimal practices to enhance positive transitions-care within, between and beyond schools.

  • The SPAN Training & Consulting team, to strengthen positive transitions-care teams, policies, programs and practices. SPAN’s courses, workshops and consultancy services empower individuals, schools and school networks to transform transitions-care for their community members.

  • The Annual Virtual SPAN Symposium (this year on October 7-8, 2023), to gather together with like-minded practitioners and supporters to equip and strengthen the network of positive transitions-care across international schools. This year’s program includes many highlights such as Doug Ota sharing his PhD. research findings. Hint: Early Bird Registration is open until September 15, 2023.

  • SPAN Membership, to join a network of people on the frontline of positive transitions-care in schools, small businesses and organizations. As part of this network, you as a SPAN member may find a home where like-minded people connect, support and encourage one another. With discounted access to expert training and resources, you can also feel equipped and refreshed to continue your important work. Hint: Access a preview of the Safe Passage Book Study Guide now and share with your colleagues. The complete Safe Passage Book Study will soon be available to SPAN Members.

We are proud of the progress we have made as an organization, and more importantly, we are proud of the resulting positive change rippling through international school communities across the globe. As we prioritize wellbeing and mental fitness in schools and beyond, we not only support our school community members in their learning journey but also help equip them to navigate all of life’s transitions, whatever the context.

SPAN is a home to anyone committed to healthy transitions and attachment security. We hope you will join our SPAN community and feel refreshed, equipped and connected to continue your important work. Together, let’s transform transitions-care within, between and beyond schools.

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