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In our virtual home through our SPAN website, for engagement with other transition-care providers, vetted resources and pathways to a stronger transition program in your school; At rotating regional conferences that are already hosted globally for educational administrators, counselors and teachers; and in your own school or local network of schools, coaching you through an effective transition team certification process, the launch or strengthening of your transition team and/or workshops related to positive transition support and more.

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The Laws of Transitions Certificate Course is an intensive, 8-week online learning experience that will provide participants with understanding and practical strategies to develop or enhance transitions-care at your school.


SPAN offers a suite of virtual workshops that afford participants opportunities to prepare and equip themselves and others to effectively navigate short-term and long-term challenges ahead. We know that no two schools or organizations are the same, so we customize our training to enhance your support for fulfilling the needs and challenges of your community. 

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The SPAN team has curated a list of recommended reading materials, links, lesson plans.

Become a SPAN member to access these resources.

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