Individual Memberships

Through our Membership Pathway, individuals who have a passion for transition support can become members of SPAN. They find a home with us and pass on the contagious support and encouragement they receive from other SPAN members to their schools and organizations. Our aim is to refresh, equip and connect those on the frontlines of transition care in schools and organizations, those who often burn out because they can feel alone and unseen in this taxing work. There are three types of individual memberships:



An Enthusiast 

Any individual who believes in the value of positive transition and wants to belong to the SPAN family. 

A Champion 

Any individual (parent, faculty, staff, administrator) who is a valued transition leader and practitioner in a school community or organization. This is a one-year membership, gifted by a school or organization to recognize and support this person’s contributions and growth. A meaningful thank you gift for parent welcome team members, admissions staff, PTA members, school counselors, student ambassadors, peer counseling teams, Community Liasion Officers and others. 

An Influencer

Any director or director’s designee of an organization that serves SPAN’s mission-critical populations (schools, relocation companies, organizations that support and connect expat families, regional school associations etc.)