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SPAN offers 3 pathways to engagement: Membership, Partnership and Training & Consulting


Through our Membership Pathway, individuals who have a passion for transition support can become members of SPAN. They find a home with us and pass on the contagious support and encouragement they receive from other SPAN members to their schools and organizations. Our aim is to refresh, equip and connect those on the frontlines of transition care in schools and organizations, those who often burn out because they can feel alone and unseen in this taxing work. 


Our Partnership Pathway is for schools and school leaders. We help school administrators reach their strategic goals and have access to training and talented professionals in the area of transition support. We believe these efforts can further global awareness and action around the importance of well-managed transitions and can increase high levels of learning, loving and living within international communities. We also help parents and educators seek, find and join schools that are dedicated to transition support by awarding and showcasing best-practice and putting Chapter Schools ‘on the map’. 


Finally, through our Training and Consulting Pathway (more information coming soon), our mission to equip transition-care providers and schools is fulfilled through a variety of training options and resources. This pathway is also a nice fit for schools who want to become Showcase Schools as a way of giving back to the educational community. The T&C Pathway presents a potential opportunity for consultants and skilled trainers to support and expand the reach of SPAN globally.

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