Why Become a Member? by Mona Stuart

In a world of online offers, pop-up ads and enticements for joining just about anything, it intrigues me to see why people I love and admire choose to give their time, energy and interest to SPAN. I have listened to why they give, show up, labor, gather, share so deeply and serve. And, I honestly think it boils down to believing and belonging. 


Let’s face it, when we join just about anything, most of the membership benefits are bonuses, not reasons. The real thrill comes from discovering a cause we believe in, finding a group of people we want to be around and identifying with a way of making our world a better place for ourselves and others. The rest is gravy. 


In our case, the gravy includes access to archived episodes of The Nest and our quarterly Newsletters; the opportunity to turn your school into a SPAN Chapter School when you team up with other members at work; and joining the discussion in our private Facebook group. Our goal is to thicken the gravy as we go along. For now, a full list of initial benefits is on our website.


Until now, apart from joining the SPAN Board and/or flying into The Nest, we didn’t have a way for you to really join us, but Membership is one new way to open our doors. It’s also a way to help grow our capacity as a viable, effective organization in the world. 


Anyone who believes in the importance of positive transition support and who wants to belong to the cause can become an individual member as an Enthusiast. You can also buy a gift-membership for a student, parent, educator, counselor, admissions officer or other individual who is an active transition Champion in your school or organization. It’s a way of thanking and supporting the growth of these amazing people in our lives! As well, if you’re a director or a director’s designee of an organization that works with families in transition around the globe, you can become a member as an Influencer

Details for how to sign up for individual Membership are here. Please sign up today. Believe and belong. The rest is gravy.