Partnership Pathway


We offer schools and school leaders four different ways to engage with SPAN. These are mix & match opportunities. 


A. Partner Schools


These schools make a one-time or annual contribution to support SPAN’s mission and the cause of positive transition in schools. Partner status is granted for the academic year during which the gift is received.   


We occasionally also identify Honorary Partner Schools for their inspiring belief and extra effort to champion positive transition support in international schools. (*Charter certification schools)


Revenue: One-time Gift or Renewable Annual Contribution

(Could be tiered by degree of affiliation, not size of school. See Goodwill, Bronze, Silver and Gold in draft budget to visualize.)


B. Sponsor Schools (& Organizations)


These schools and organizations sponsor specific SPAN activities and services. Public credit given to contributing organizations.  


Sample sponsorship opportunities: NEST episodes or NEST production costs, SPAN awards, training events or training tools, Showcase Schools Program, Chapter School Directory. 


Revenue: Would need to put some target values on the various sponsor opportunities, so we can easily anticipate, communicate and budget for donations to these giving opportunities.


C. Chapter Schools


These schools are spoiled to have 10+ individual SPAN members among faculty/staff/admin/parents on a single campus in a single academic year (not pooling from a school network). 


Current: Schools initiate their Charter School status by submitting a one page School Profile one month after the school year begins, using a downloadable SPAN template. On it, they identify their 10 SPAN Members and offer a bullet-point outline of current transition activities. They may also submit an optional transition philosophy statement, if they have one. 


Reach Goal: The SPAN Team (10 members) at a Chapter School could submit an outcome report in the form of a one-page summary or a 3-minute video by May 1 of each year. This ‘Year in Review’ highlight reel will report on progress, discoveries and new initiatives.

Recognition Ideas 

Current: Post an annual list of Chapter Schools on our website. Can link School Profile to each entry, if that idea has merit/possibilities. Send a Digital Certificate and/or Recognition Letter to the Head of each Chapter School.  

Reach: Create an updated digital map of Chapter Schools, so educators, parents and administrators can search for,  locate and join Chapter Schools around the globe. Post ‘Year in Review’ outcome reports and highlight reels.  


D. Showcase Schools 


These schools model exemplary transition experiences & programs that are: 

-aligned with SPAN training, research and criteria for excellence,

-nominated by members, 

-showcased in the NEST (members-only episodes), 

-recognized in the Newsletter/Website


While building showcase level programs, schools can always engage with SPAN through our optional Training & Consulting pathway. This will  deepen and align existing practice with the SPAN model.


Regardless, Showcase Schools use SPAN standards to select which practices and results they choose to highlight and share in the Nest. They may first be nominated to Spotlight a Practice in the Nest. For more information, see Showcase Program under SPAN Activities and Services (Benefits)


*Motivated by:

A school’s desire to strategically:

-Build transition programs, enhance Social Emotional Learning (SEL) efforts, or pursue CIS Accreditation with Commendation for Standard E9

-Develop talent (equipping administrators to understand and lead transition programs, attracting SPAN-minded faculty and admin, up-skilling and supporting in-house transition champions like counselors, teachers, parent leaders, HR and Admissions Staff)

-Recruit and retain educators and families who value and know how to add extraordinary transition support to school communities


Safe Passage Across Networks (SPAN) is a non-profit organization which offers a home to people and schools committed to healthy student, family and staff transition.

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