Doug Ota

SPAN Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Psychologist and author of Safe Passage: how mobility affects people and what international schools should do about it

Jane Barron

Director of Training & Consulting

Educator and Youth Intercultural Transition Specialist at Globally Grounded

Valérie Besanceney

Chief Operating Officer

International Education and Transitions Consultant at Roots with Boots and author

Aleka Bilan

Director of PR

Educational Transitions Counselor at Aleka Bilan Consulting

Claudine Hakim

Board Member

Head of Advancement, Transitions and Student Support at the International School of London

Ryan Haynes


Director of Upper School Academic and Personal Counseling at Taipei American School

Dan Long

Board Member

Upper School Dean of Students at Taipei American School

Mona Stuart

Board Member

Former Head of Admissions at Singapore American School, currently on sabbatical

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